Youth Fashion Day

12:52 PM

Last saturday, Antwerp organized 'The youth fashion day'. I think this is a great project for the youth. Some youth people are not really into fashion and this is a great opportunity to come in contact with fashion! This was one of the biggest shop- and fashionday of Belgium!
You had the chance to satisfy your style with a personal shopper.
'Swapping is the new shopping' you had the chance to swap your clothes and go home with new clothes or accessories. And so many more things!
In the evening you had the fashion show represented by Incufashion, last year I went to their show too.
I can tell you, this year was so much better!
And when the models and music were ready ... time to let the models do their work, walk!

These photos are just my favorites! For the rest of the photos go to my facebookpage! (I will warn you already, it are a lot, that's why I posted just a few on my blog because it were too many photos!)

I've seen that evening two beautiful girls and their style was so adorable and guess what, it were also bloggers!

Aren't they just lovely? Check out their blogs:

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21 lovely comments

  1. Great pictures!
    Die mini tas is zo schattig hihi :d
    Text mee! xx ly

  2. I just love this post.
    -New post.

  3. Those girls are really lovely! Checking out their blog now.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  4. Oh nice :) Ik wist niet dat je van Vilvoorde & omstreken bent ;)

  5. Lovely! Love how dusky the photos are! :) Oh & i love these girls! I'v been following them since a while now :D

  6. looks like a fun event!

    Followed your blog...


  7. OMG! they're lovely!!!!

    nice photos!

  8. super leuke post! zoiets zouden ze in amsterdam ook moeten doen!

  9. this is an amazing event.
    love your blog,btw! :)

    hope to see you on ours!


  10. She also has a blog two wonder girls :)
    the mad twins is from my sister an me ^-^

  11. Misschien moest ik nog iets zeggen XD Ik vind de foto's echt super :) Ik was echt zo dom om mijn fototoestel te vergeten, maar ik kom de 28 waarschijnlijk weer, dus dan trek ik ook wel wat fotootjes :)

  12. nog eens een youth fashion day ^-^

  13. Great post :). I love the pictures :D :D :D
    If you want, you follow my blog. I'm following you too ^^
    Alla moda e con stile

  14. Hello my friend! I have been visiting your blog. Cool!Great post! Congratulations for your work. I invite you to visit my blog at:
    Have a happy day!

  15. Leuke shots! & die nagellak is van Hema, ben er superblij mee xx

  16. Great pictures loving the floral dress

  17. lovely pictures!


  18. Ziet er leuk uit! Enig idee welke blogs die meisjes hadden dan?


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